We waiting for prince charming like a lost Atlántida


I do not really know what happens to us women, it is strange, but we still believe in the story of the prince charming, a story as old as life itself, who will come one day and find us waiting.   This story or fairy tale comes from the moment that Adam and Eve were living in Eden.  If we analyze the very origin of this well-known story throughout the world, we can conclude that it is already a lost paradise that we seek with great determination.  Perhaps it is of human nature that we are always focusing on what we are losing.  Even though we do not remember or even take this phenomenon into account anymore, we still continue to go through big cycles with this topic. In spite of where it comes from, love inside a woman is almost the same, only changing the way it presents itself.  All women worldwide are lost inside themselves just waiting for the prince charming of fairy tales to appear.

What is that prince?  In numerous conversations with my friends this theme is the culminating point of discussion.  Whenever we see a young woman married to a rich man, or to an older man, our thoughts turn negative to the taboo.  Immediately we put the label, “I would never marry a man for money.”  On the one hand it seems to be more than logical, and on the other hand we notice how unhappy we are with those we are with at our side, even though we say we are in love with them.  So such questions arise: why aren´t we satisfied?  Is it an economic or psychological reason?  Is it perhapsthe legacy of the lost prince?  We have been introduced to him from childhood tales, so we have prepared ourselves to expect a man to possess them all: to be handsome, be rich, be well-educated, and be a great lover.  But in reality we find out that it does not work like that.

Who is that prince, whose tales turned us into victims?    There is no formula!  Coming from an impoverished country, it is thought reasonable for people to have certain deficiencies, making one believe that these deficiencies do not exist in rich countries. But, we perceived that there is more of a desire for a prince charming in a more privileged country.

Who will be the one to make us happy, the one that will bring the prince charming into our arms?  The answer is only one:  ourselves!

What does it mean to be a princess of your own?  To live and behave like a princess with yourself, it seems at first glance, you will say that this is not enough. To love is the most difficult and easiest thing.  Love is on the same level with hate, as they have the same power leak.  When you love, the whole world belongs to you, everything takes other dimensions.  But why is this love so temporary?  When you lose love for yourself, nature, the Universe, or God, or whatever you choose to call it sends a sign (example)to understand what love really means, and what value love has in your life.  It is not to love someone else, but to love yourself unconditionally, without reprimand, as it is, with the same pace that nature works, quietly but with great love.  In this way, rather than learn from experiences, we get hurt from being separated from the person that we loved more than ourselves.  From the moment you say, “I love someone more than myself,” you love yourself and then disappointment sets in, frustration and even prejudices.  This example comes to show us that life is our prince, who has all the virtues we seek, if we accept our life as a prince, then life would be in harmony with us.  We will enjoy its fruits as they come, because each of them is like an experience. The apple that Eve ate was not a sin, but the beginning of a real loss of the prince.  She doubted life, so we decided to label it “Prince” to comfort ourselves that one day it will be as it was before the apple was eaten.  The fact that the apple was eaten was never accepted. And what if it was eaten?  We did not accept it with love, as an act that brings experience, but as a mistake.  Since that day we suffer what Eve had done; having bitten an apple each time, then putting on a label, we become slaves of this label and finally we lose the very meaning of life.

I believe that the prince of our lives is life itself.  It is choosing to love life with a great love.  We will then avoid discussions about princes, but most of all we will avoid the labels that we often put on ourselves and onto others.